Is pursing MCA course worth or Not?

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Hey guys, just wanna share some info about MCA. I got a mail from student saying she was confused about opting for MCA and whether the course is worth or not. And ive got few other students and guys with same doubts and queries so i’d like to share my opinion over it.

Heres what i feel:

MCA is a tech oriented degree so the only reason you would want to do that course or invest 3 years would be only if you like Information technology field.
If you have any specific interests like programming, networking, databases etc MCA would be good opt.

If you have done any IT course as a bachelors course like BScIT or BScCS then MCA is almost similar in terms of curriculum. you can check out the syllabus as its almost the same as BScIT so in terms of gaining some new knowledge MCA isn’t that great option but again its a masters degree so it has that value (which is of no use as per me but it’ll should get you a higher salary IF you are eligible).

Other than that its a costly course as in it costs around 1.2 Lac
( please ignore this Para if you fall into a minority category) as fees for one year so you would be investing around 4LACs so take that into consideration as well. To be honest BScIT in Mumbai colleges cost around 25-35K per year and they have almost the exact same syllabus and curriculum. (But then Degree matters Right!!! Bullshit :D)

One more thing to add on here is if you are opting to pursue MCA just to get a higher paying job then i don’t think thats gonna work out for everyone. Here’s the scene, these days when companies approach for placements of MCA students they usually come with a criteria such as throughout 65% and above. This means you need to have 65% and above starting from your 10th grade till your bachelors and also MCA (GPA above 6.5)
So unfortunately 30-40 percent of the crowd is already out of the big companies and yes thats a sad truth which i guess you need to consider on a serious note.
If you guys are thinking college placements se job mil jayega you better check your grades(This sucks but thats how things work out here)
Yes there are companies which have no criterias as well but then most of them offer low salaries(trust me they are very low)
I got a package about 3Lacs after doing BScIT, and currently where im pursuing MCA the best i’ve heard is 4.8Lacs so thats not a big increase according to me.

Lastly its totally your decision and think about how the course is going to be for you. Are you going to learn something new? do you like IT?

If you ask me why i chose MCA i’d say because my family wanted me to pursue a masters degree but obviously i didn’t do it because they wanted me to but because i like IT anyways so why not.
And for me i consider MCA like a entire BScIT KT or sort of a repeat telecast of BScIT 😀
But then i take it as a 3 years of BUFFER TIME (I learnt alot more than just MCA syllabus in these years) to learn things that are not taught in colleges.
Its what you learn and do outside college curriculum is what distinguishes you from the regular crowd.

One more tip for people who have finalized the decision of doing MCA. Do something out of your curriculum cause MCA syllabus isn’t going to be enough.
Learn something new, maybe a new programming language, certification courses, small time project, internship anything that adds value to you and you learn something out of it.

Hope you take a right decision,
All the Best !

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