Sem-4 MCA Notes

Following are the Theory Subjects for MCA SEM – 4 :

  1. Core & Advanced JAVA (JAVA)
  2. Advanced Database Theory & Applications (ADTA)
  3. System Modelling and Simulation (SMS)
  4. Soft Skill Development (SSD)
  5. Elective Subjects (any one)
    1. E-Business (EBIZ)
    2. Human Computer Interface (HCI)
Following are the Individual Subjects and their respective links to View them (Click on View to Open the Individual Subject Notes):

Subject Name Action
MCA401 – Core & Advanced JAVA (JAVA) View
MCA402 – Advanced Database Theory & Applications (ADTA) View
MCA403 – System Modelling and Simulation (SMS) View
MCA404 – Soft Skill Development (SSD) View
MCA4054 – E-Business (EBIZ) View
MCA4055 – Human Computer Interface (HCI) View

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