MCA CET General Aptitude

This module is considered to be fairly tough compared to CC as per student reviews and as the name suggests it consists of Aptitude questions with a huge variety and range of domains such as:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Analytical Skills
  • Pattern Solving
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Higher Mathematics (geometry, integration, derivatives etc)
  • Reasoning
  • Stats
  • etc

Following are the Mock Test Sets available for Practice. Click on the SET you want to practice.

Paper Name Paper Link
General Aptitude (Set – 1) Open
General Aptitude (Set – 2) Open
General Aptitude (Set – 3) Open
General Aptitude (Set – 4) Open
General Aptitude (Set – 5) Open
General Aptitude (Set – 6) Open
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