Computer Concepts (Set – 1)

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Computer Concepts (Set – 1) . All the Best !

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1) Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
2) The process of communicating with a file from a terminal is?
3) Which device of computer operation dispenses with the use of the keyboard?
4) A single packet on a data link is known as?
5) A general purpose single-user microcomputer designed to be operated by one person at a time is?
6) A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as?
7) Which of the following languages is more suited to a structured program?
8) Which of the following languages is more suited to a structured program?
9) ASCII stands for?
10) The section of the CPU that selects interprets and sees to the execution of program instructions?
11) The time required for the fetching and execution of one simple machine instruction is?
12) The average time necessary for the correct sector of a disk to arrive at the read write head is _____?
13) The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is?
14) A computer program that converts assembly language to machine language is?
15) Which of the following is the 1's complement of 10?
16) The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel?
17) Which part interprets program instructions and initiate control operations?
18) Which method is used to connect a remote computer?
19) The 2's complement of a binary no. is obtained by its 1's complement?
20) The symbols used in an assembly language are?
21) Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape?
22) What difference does the 5th generation computer have from other generation computers?
23) The brain of any computer system is?
24) Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into pictorial form on paper?
25) The list of coded instructions is called?

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