IT student : What to do in Vacations?

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This post is for all those IT students who are bored and thinking what to do in vacations?  I’d say stop thinking and start doing!!
But What?!‘, would be your next obvious question!!
To be honest i’d say go hangout with your friends, family take a trip etc etc but since this blog is more about being productive in Information Technology i’ll stick to some productive things you can do in your vacations and make the best use of your valuable time.

First : Take/Start a project
The best way to be a good programmer or learn programming is to take up a real project(small scoped) like a small inventory management system or contacts storage, timetable planner etc. Take up a project for relatives business e.g. making a inventory management system for a friends shop. Make sure you keep up with the promises you make to the clients if you’re gonna charge them. I started all freelancing work in my vacations after completing BScIT( before getting admission into MCA). Before that i had no knowledge about how to create real/live projects for clients. So it took me roughly about 6 months to learn basic to intermediate level in HTML5/CSS3 , PHP and C# programming.
If you want some project topics you can checkout this website that we’ve developed for IT student projects :
If i can do it even you guys can.

Second : (For beginners)
Students who are new to IT course or have very less knowledge about programming or other IT domains, start to make a habit of learning online!! Almost everything you need is on Google and YouTube (We have a YouTube Channel for IT students named: Simple Snippets Do subscribe 😛 ). Trust me i never joined any special classes to learn any programming language (except in the first year of BScIT when IT was very new to me i joined C++ classes). I have developed simple/Live websites, made desktop applications, atleast 20-30 student projects for their final year, bunch of Android Apps and what not. For all this i referred only 3-4 sources : Google, YouTube, Stackoverflow and few others. So the message here is don’t wait for college to start and get education there. Start with tutorials on YouTube such has Basics of HTML (i saw the videos from thenewboston channel) , C++ and other tutorials which will keep you a step ahead of others. (Checkout few Apps that i’ve created for C++ and Java)

Third : Do a certification course
Certification courses add up a lot of value to your resume when you apply for Jobs as it separates you from the generic crowd. Plus it also helps you to gain more in-dept knowledge about a specific domain say for example CCNA certification for Networking, or Oracle’s DBA certification or Java certification. Not just these but now a days there are free certification courses which have some real good content and knowledge to learn! Courses from MIT, Coursera are rich source of knowledge and yes there are many courses for FREE under these institutes(You just need to Google).

Last Tip: Learn to Google things!
Being an IT student myself i have observed students stuck with many doubts related to their IT studies(simple ones). The best chance of you getting your problem solved (related to IT) is to Google it! I don’t know why is such a powerful tool not being used to the fullest!

All the best Guys Hope this was useful… Peace !

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