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MCA STUD is an all rounder, one stop solution for all MCA(Master of Computer Applications) students, IT students as well as students who wish to pursue MCA or get important information regarding MCA course.

Get latest information regarding MCA course and curriculumnotifications and notices passed by university. Get notesQuestion Papers, Question Banks, tips and suggestions regarding MCA course .
Our Goal and is to share knowledge and information related to Information Technology and MCA course.
Our Vision is to use empower IT/MCA students with rich and useful knowledge in a smart and efficient manner.

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Tanmay Sakpal

– Founder
  Android/Web Developer

Do contact me on Social Media if you have any queries regarding MCA or IT/CS oriented subjects

I am a tech enthusiast and love sharing knowledge on  information technology an computer science oriented subjects. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology(BSc.IT) and recently complete my Masters in Computer Application (MCA). I have been working on freelance projects over 3 years now and have also developed many websites & Android Apps.

I have recently started my very own Ed-Tech company / Coaching Centre along with 3 other MCA and techy colleagues named UpSkill Infotech

I also have my own YouTube Channel : Simple Snippets where I teach and share my knowledge on technology oriented subjects.

Checkout my Official Website – https://simplesnippets.tech/  . This is my Official website for my Youtube channel and it is a Technology blog which has a lot of tutorial posts and articles and also Tech blog articles related to latest tech news, Latest Softwares, Apps, programming tips and tricks, tech interviews etc.

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